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Reconnect with your creative side

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Daily creative exercises can help you flourish

Both artist and scientific studies agree: adding a bit of art in your routine can truly be life-changing. It allows you to express yourself easier, get to know your emotions and learn about the art world in a fun way.

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Enjoy a new challenge every day

From photography and drawing challenges to self reflection diary prompts, our app provides constant inspiration to keep you engaged and motivated. From ancient world to modern art, form west to east, we cover the whole spectrum of art history.

Explore in a like-minded community

You don’t have to be an artist to participate. Anyone is welcome in our community. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded people. Share your work, get inspired and supported by others.

Our AI helps you optimise your learning strategy

A new unique track is available for you every week, based on your needs and time available. From simple diary prompts, that take 5 minutes, to deep dives into obscure art-history – we find exactly what you need to grow.